Total miles traveled: 14,750

Miles into the western loop: 4,569

Approximate number of miles remaining in the official itinerary: 3,382

Chances that will be the end of it, no more miles after that: 0

Hours spent in the van with the engine running: 376

Percentage of time we’ve enjoyed being in the van with the engine running: 97.3

Average miles per gallon: 15.7

Number of times we’ve had to stop and do an awkward three-point turn because the covered bridge we were about to enter in Vermont didn’t have high enough clearance to accept us, and we didn’t want to destroy our van and/or a national treasure: 1

States we’ve been in: 36

Number of people we’ve met: 497

Local beers we’ve tried: lots

Rank of Springfield, MO and the state of North Carolina in microbrew quality, from our experience: 2, 1

Sitting U.S. Senators we’ve met: 2

Number of U.S. Senators we met who seemed very concerned about divisiveness in our country: 1

Number of times Robert Mueller has named Betsy in an indictment (so far): 0

Percent confidence Brett has that Betsy did not collude with the Russians: 73

Packages of Red Vines we’ve consumed, after deciding they were superior to Twizzlers: too many

Hours Brett has busked in the subway: 3

Robberies we’ve witnessed in broad daylight: 1

Blowouts we’ve had on the van: 1

Hours after we met John Falwell (Jerry’s son) in Lynchburg, VA that the tire blew: 1

Chances these things are connected: 0

Percent disappointed we were that New England did not follow the fall foliage calendars we consulted: 100

Percent of time we got to wear the autumn wardrobe we prepared for New England and the Northeast: 20

Percent of likelihood we’ll forgive New England and visit again soon: 100

Ferry rides: 4

Ferry rides with the van: 2

College campuses we’ve visited: 27

College campuses on which we have spoken to students: 3

Days we missed freezing temperatures by heading south: 1

Days until we make it to a beach: 5

Tears we shed when we watched Josh Ritter play the song “Homecoming” live: a few

The amount of gratitude we have for the freedom to do what we’re doing and for the friends we have all over this country: immeasurable

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