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This is the rough draft of our itinerary, covering 33 states, parts of Canada, and more than 14,000 miles. We plan to leave Springfield, MO on May 31, 2017 and head west, toward Colorado. We hope to complete our western loop by late August. After a week or so back in Springfield, we will begin our … Continue reading THE ROUTE


In November, when we announced our decision to pursue this crazy idea, we were met with nearly universal support. And that continues. When we tell people what we’re doing, they inevitably respond with surprise and a faraway look in their eyes. Some are envious and wish they could come; others are happy for us, but … Continue reading GOING IT ALONE

Our Trusty Steed

Ever since we made the decision to go on this journey, we have been discovering the available means of transportation. Do we drive our Subaru and camp all the time? Uh, no…for a thousand different reasons. Do we get a large RV with a small tow vehicle? No. We liked the space and comfort, but we … Continue reading Our Trusty Steed

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