When we were kids, my big sister and I didn’t always listen to our parents. Whether it was the dangers of fire or the value of a dollar, sometimes the best teacher was a burnt digit or sitting at home with no BB gun and an empty piggy bank. When I was about four years … Continue reading WOKE


Yesterday afternoon dozens of cars full of honking, waving Rountree Elementary teachers were streaming down our street. They were driving block by block, with balloons and posters on their cars, reminding students they are missed and loved. It was hard to keep my eyes dry as I watched little kids overcome with joy to see … Continue reading STAND TOGETHER, STAY APART

Hash Browns, Hot Sauce, and the Rhetoric of Love

John Sisco was one of my communication professors in college. He was the last of a kind: very tough, demanding, often disgusted. His research agenda had included the bare-knuckle rhetoric of labor unions. He parsed ideas with precision and he didn’t suffer fools. His skin was leathery, his eyes piercing, and his authoritative baritone could … Continue reading Hash Browns, Hot Sauce, and the Rhetoric of Love