We spent an incredible week in Washington, D.C., where we stayed with our old friend, Stephanie Schierholz. Stephanie just returned to her job as Lead Communicator for Human Spaceflight at NASA, after completing a term as Press Secretary for the space agency. She introduced us to a range of fascinating people and experiences in our nation’s capitol. We met senators, scientists, engineers, celebrities, journalists, intellectuals, activists, writers, musicians, poets…and we saw a couple of guys break into a car! The authentic DC experience!


Before we left her house yesterday, I recorded this song in her living room. It was written by Josh Ritter. The biblical illusions and defiance of small-minded religion speak to an experience shared by a lot of people we’ve met on the road. Speaking of religion, this morning we head to Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, and a brief meeting with Pastor Jonathan Falwell!

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