The first single from my new solo album, Something Gigantic, dropped today. If you would be so kind as to give it a listen on your favorite streaming service (link to Spotify here), that will help ignite the algorithm section (the most overlooked member of the band) and boost the profile of the song and the eventual album. The full album releases online April 6, two days after the official release show on April 4. There will be a couple of other singles coming in the next few weeks

I’m very proud of this track. It’s the song that started this whole solo project. I wrote it for a songwriter showcase Barak N Hill was hosting at Lindberg’s Tavern seven years ago. It began as a take on James Dickey’s poem, “For the Last Wolverine.” It quickly became about the life and death of Megan Cramer. Megan died in the JJ’s Restaurant explosion in Kansas City in February of 2013. She was the daughter of my friends Carter and Genny Cramer, and Stephanie‘s sister. Carter introduced me to Dickey’s poetry in the 1980s, and was the most important teacher I ever had. My emotions just poured into this song…the loss, the pain, the glory, the beauty, the passion. It was about remembering and being remembered, staring into the abyss and seeing love staring right back. It was about living with an unmistakable passion for significance. It’s a big song. I truly hope it brings you a perfect blend of sadness and joy.

When I wrote it, my band, Brother Wiley, was finishing a studio album with Mark Bilyeu. It wasn’t really ready to be a band song yet, so I sorta stuck it in a drawer for a few years, and only brought it out when I played solo sets. Over time, the song started to grow. Brother Wiley played a kickass live version of it.

In this recording, Molly E. Healey creates an entire chamber orchestra, with 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, and cello parts, all doubled to create depth (listen to the end to have your heart ripped out). Liz Carney sings harmony. Karl Eggers lays down atmospheric electric guitar. Barak plays some electric and acoustic guitar as well. Dallas Jones and Brandon Moore round out the rhythm section on bass and drums. It’s a big song.


Listen, like, follow, add to playlists…. If you like it, tell your friends. If you hate it, tell your enemies.

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