A couple of weeks ago, we left Springfield and did a little Western swing to meet three former governors (who’ve also been ambassadors, congresspeople, Cabinet secretaries, etc.): Dick Celeste in Colorado Springs (former Ohio governor), Bill Richardson in Santa Fe (former New Mexico governor), and Kathleen Sebelius in Lawrence (former Kansas governor). The meetings were all set up by my awesome second cousin, Pamela Hyde. Pam worked for Celeste and Richardson in their state governments, and she worked for Sebelius in D.C. Pam also set us up with a number of Native American and Latino leaders in Santa Fe. Those meetings were all very illuminating and encouraging.

Then we loaded up the van and headed to Miami to meet Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. That meeting was facilitated by Sally Bradshaw, who used to work for Jeb. We were introduced to Sally by our good friend, Paul Flemming, in Tallahassee.

We have a  few more meetings to put together, then we begin the writing process and trying to find an agent to help us get a book published.

Greg Holman, from the Springfield News-Leader, put together a nice summary of our latest journey.


2 thoughts on “TOUR de GOVERNORS

  1. Thank you for the update. We are following your adventures with interest. Looking forward to a book! Beth Tauser attended meeting near Carlisle, PA

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