We’ve been “home” in Springfield, Missouri for several weeks, living in borrowed spaces and absorbing the garland and goodwill of friends and family who define what home is for us. Now we’re gearing up to hit the road again.

We’re finished with our planned route, but we’ll still be traveling. From here on, we’re meeting new friends for arranged conversations, returning to old friends to pick up where we left off, and giving presentations to campuses and other organizations who want to hear our story. We’re also going to travel to places with quiet spaces, so we can peel back the layers and write all of this down.

We have been home-less for almost a year and a half now. Over the last few weeks we flirted with the idea of renting or buying a place. The idea of having a base of operation, surrounded by our stuff again, acquiring some new stuff, and generally having a place called home has attracted…and repulsed us. Twin desires, always at war. We looked at lots of apartments and houses in Springfield and Kansas City. Almost pulled the trigger once or twice. Then we opted against it. For now, we’re going to remain committed to our original idea and stay on the road for a full year, which means we’ll likely be looking for permanent housing this summer.

I’m speaking tomorrow at the Think Summit, then we have a few days to get ready before we leave again. Relaunch around January 23rd. We’ll be on the Ex-Governor Tour. Over the span of two weeks we are scheduled to meet with former Ohio Governor, Dick Celeste, in Colorado Springs; former New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, in Santa Fe; former Kansas governor (and Sec. of Health and Human Services), Kathleen Sebelius, in Lawrence, KS; and, finally, former Florida governor (and recent presidential candidate), Jeb Bush, in Miami.

We hope to make a lot of interesting stops along the way. After we come to rest for a while, we plan to write enough we can start reaching out to literary agents. If you know any good ones, please send them our way!

In the meantime, hope to see you on the road!






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