1. Total miles traveled: 12, 627
  2. Hours spent traveling in the van: 313
  3. People we’ve met: 407
  4. Miles we’ve traveled in a helicopter: 20
  5. Nights we’ve spent in a bed other than the van: 13
  6. College campuses we’ve visited: 19
  7. Campuses that were seminaries Brett briefly attended 30 years ago, that represented the worst year of our lives, and whose demons we successfully exorcised by visiting: 1
  8. Number of times we’ve parked overnight on the street near a college campus, in a neighborhood with upscale apartments and an old church nearby, where we felt reasonably safe and relatively stealthy, while likely breaking the law: 4
  9. Nights we parked in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, because it was the only option we had: 1
  10. Number of times we were called “honey” or “sweetie” at a Cracker Barrel: 17
  11. Confederate flags we’ve seen along the road that we’ve flipped off (you fly your message, we fly ours…America!): every
  12. States we’ve been in: 27
  13. Number of seconds we were in West Virginia: 90
  14. Number of times we’ve been through Indiana: 3
  15. Chances our multiple visits to Indiana were driven by a hope of catching a glimpse of Mike Pence: 0
  16. Number of times we’ve been in the same town as President Trump (that we know of): 1
  17. Weeks we were home between our western loop and eastern loop: 3
  18. Pounds of stuff we dropped off in Springfield because we discovered we didn’t need it anymore: 100
  19. Bikes we took on our western loop: 2
  20. Number of bikes that were nearly destroyed by constant weather exposure on our western loop: 2
  21. Bikes we took on our eastern loop: 0
  22. Days we’ve been on our eastern loop: 20
  23. Approximate number of days remaining on our eastern loop: 77
  24. Number of times we were at a wedding, hanging out in the van with friends, when our awning was weirdly deployed by turning off the exhaust fan, forcing us to crank it back in manually, and worry about crossed wires: 1
  25. Number of times we’ve used the awning since: 0
  26. Times a wonderful man in Canada named Jim tried to talk us through troubleshooting and repairs on our malfunctioning refrigerator: 4
  27. Number of times refrigerator repairs worked: stay tuned
  28. Chances of scheduling RV repairs when you’re living on the road: 0
  29. Number of open mic nights Brett has participated in, without injury or censure: 2
  30. Bags of Kraft Jet-Puffed Original Marshmallows we could have bought with the money we’ve spent on tolls in the Northeast: 26
  31. Number of fellow citizens and residents whose lives have become more insecure due to wind, water, fire, or immigration enforcement since we’ve been on our trip: millions
  32. Number of times Kim Jong Un and our president have threatened to start WWIII since we’ve been on the road: we’ve lost count
  33. Number of days since posting the last “Gigantic Index” (sorry): 52
  34. Number of people who have nagged us to start doing a podcast: 52
  35. Percent chance we’re going to start doing a podcast at some point, since we can’t even keep up with “Gigantic Index” posts: 52
  36. Number of times we’ve wanted to quit this madness and get off the road: 0

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