Total miles traveled: 5,478.5

Average miles per gallon: 16

Hours spent traveling in the van: 132

States we’ve been in: 9

People we’ve met: 152

Nights we’ve been plugged in to full power hookups at a campground: 3

Times we’ve thought “full power hookups” was funny: every

Nights we’ve spent in a bed other than the van: 5

Boats we’ve been on in the van: 1

Number of great-nieces we have gained: 1

New dog friends Maybe has made: 24

National parks we’ve visited: 3

Other areas (monuments, preserves, trails, etc.) we’ve visited that are part of the U.S. National Park System: 5

Conversations with police officers: 2

Police officers who just wanted to ask us about our bike rack: 1

Mobile windshield repair technicians we’ve met named Trinity: 1

Number of days Brett has used his Sonicaire electric toothbrush: 45

Number of times Brett has charged his Sonicaire toothbrush since we left home: 0

Number of “back to school” displays Betsy has seen at Target, which made her giggle: 1

Chigger bites: 0

Number of moments we’ve missed chigger bites: 0

Number of things we’ve been told we that we should do, or that we “have to do” that we haven’t done: 1,388

Times we’ve felt bad about that: 1,348

Years long this trip would have to be if we did all the things: 37

Approximate number of days until we get back to Springfield: 29

Approximate number of miles before we get there: 3,404

Approximate number of days we’ll be home before we leave for our eastern loop: 14


One thought on “THE GIGANTIC INDEX – DAY 46

  1. Pondering the items and calculations in your journal put a smile on my face. Blair’s Lair is anxiously awaiting your visit. Is your arrival “guesstamation” still around August 1? My Subaru Impreza and I are heading to Minneapolis to visit J,H,S, A, Neely……7/21-25.


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