The two most common questions we get from strangers are, “How do you pronounce the name of your state?” And, “What is that rig you’re driving?”

Okay, the first one’s easy. To our knowledge, the letter ‘i’ never makes the ‘uh’ sound, in the English language. Therefore, it’s a settled issue: It’s pronounced MissourEE! We don’t care what John Ashcroft says.

The answer to the second question is more complicated. It’s a 2017 Winnebago Travato. The van is a Dodge RAM Promaster 3500 chassis, which is more precisely a Fiat Ducato, with a RAM badge. Yes, very similar to the Mercedes Sprinter vans. Winnebago did all the tricking out of the coach. No, we didn’t do it ourselves. I’d never seen a satisfactory answer for origin of the name “Travato,” until I put all this together.

Travel Ducato…Travato. Boom.

Here’s a brief tour of our Travato.

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