Total miles traveled:  3,606.4

Average mpg (which has actually been around 18 lately, but the heatwave in LA had us running the motor frequently for air conditioning…sorry, Earth):  16

Hours spent traveling in the van:  84.5

States we’ve been in:  7

National parks we have visited:  2

Nights we’ve spent parked on the street:  2

Pots of chicken soup we’ve spilled on the winding road in Topanga Canyon:  1

Chances we were going to keep the soup-soaked rug:  0

Number of nights spent somewhere other than in the van:  1

Highest temperature we’ve seen so far (Vegas):  109

Lowest daytime temperature we’ve seen so far (near Las Cruces, CA):  59

Miles we biked from Ojai to Ventura, and back to Ojai:  34.6

Degrees difference in temperature between Ojai (foothills) and Ventura (beach):  25

People we have met:  66

People we have met that we really liked: 65

People we’ve met who might have been on meth and gave us uh-oh feelings:  1

Number of naked people near Ojai, CA we shared a hot spring with, but did not meet:  17

Average number of hours Brett has slept each night:  7.5

Average number of hours Brett has slept each night for the last 15 years:  4.5

Nights we’ve gone without sleep because of internet comments about us:  0

Percentage of refund we promise to give anyone who is unhappy about our project:  100

Amount of money we have asked for to fund our journey:  0

New dog friends Maybe has met so far:  19

New cat…acquaintances Maybe has met so far:  5

Cats who were rumored to be in the vicinity of Maybe, but never revealed themselves:  2

Hugs Maybe has given to strangers:  12

Percentage chance Maybe might get her own Instagram page: 64

Number of souvenirs, trinkets, baubles, or goo-gahs we have bought:  0

Days we’ve been grateful for years of hard work and a lifetime of unearned privilege which allows us to take this journey:  22

2 thoughts on “THE GIGANTIC INDEX – DAY 22

  1. Good Morning Brett and Betsy,
    You are trucking right along and only met one person you didn’t like. I would call that wonderful success.
    Love your doggie. Very adorable….a compliment from a deplorable.:) Sorry couldn’t help myself, it rhymed.
    It should be most interesting your conclusions about the divisions going on in the country from the interactions you are receiving from the people across America.
    Reached any conclusions yet?
    Does sound like a lot of fun and I really like your “Attitude of Gratitude.
    Safe travels,


    1. Thanks, Nan. For the record, we don’t think you’re deplorable.

      No conclusions yet. For now we’re just trying to listen to everybody. And actually, we’re still very early in the journey; so, we’re mostly still getting in the rhythm of living in 90 sq. ft.!

      Thanks for following along!


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