IMG_4864.jpgThis is the rough draft of our itinerary, covering 33 states, parts of Canada, and more than 14,000 miles. We plan to leave Springfield, MO on May 31, 2017 and head west, toward Colorado. We hope to complete our western loop by late August. After a week or so back in Springfield, we will begin our eastern loop in early September, aiming first for Nashville. We hope to be back home by late November. We will spend the holidays in Springfield, then head back out to find a (warm) place to park for several months, where we can spend our time writing and finishing all our production work. By May or June, 2018, we hope to be ready for Something Gigantic, Vol. II!

By publishing this map, we are not committing to any destinations or any particular routes. If you have suggestions or corrections, feel free to leave your comments.

14 thoughts on “THE ROUTE

  1. It looks like a fun route that covers a diverse segment of the country. I am a little surprised that you are not planning on driving up to Alaska. There is some beautiful country up there.

    I am enjoying your updates. Keep them coming.



      1. I understand that. It can be a little risky too. I would hate to get stuck up there in a blizzard. I hope you all have a great trip. I am excited for you. If I lived farther away I would host you.


  2. You should see more of Lake Superior than Duluth Harbor. Also, drive along the Iowa/Wisconsin section of the Mississippi River. Effigy Mounds (IA) and Wyalusing State Park (WI).


  3. Just a suggestion–When you hit Gallup NM, you really should detour through the Navajo and Hopi Rez. Things to potentially see: Hubble trading post, Canyon de Chelly, monument valley, one of the Hopi villages on the Mesas, then head out to Grand Canyon. Of course though, during the summer it’s going to be hot.


  4. I’m thinking missing Las Vegas was a simple mistake…I know u writer types…words and songs are easy. Lines are hard. Let’s connect and get u booked for a night in Vegas during your journey.


  5. You’re going through lots of blue country. Utah is pretty reliably red and the interior valleys of California will give you a completely different perspective from the coastline, with the notable exception of Orange County. Journey–and journal–on! Thanks for allowing us to share the ride.


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