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“Maybe” is learning to read so she can spot “fake news.”

My former student, Jill Way, is a reporter for the Herald-Free Press in Bolivar, Missouri. She wrote up this nice account of our project plans. Of course, whether you believe what you read in the media is up to you.





2 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Brett and Betsy,

    I don’t know if you remember me, Brett, but I was the assistant principal at Parkview High when you taught there. I live in Springfield, but have a farm outside Bolivar and subscribe to the Bolivar Herald. I read the recent account of your plans to go on a nationwide journey to find answers to the dilemma America is now facing and was very impressed with your endeavor. I, too, am very perplexed as to why white evangelicals voted so overwhelmingly for Donald Trump and why so many people in general are so swept up in the Trump euphoria.

    I would like very much to be able to keep up with your journey and would even like to be one of the early individuals to give my perspective on the situation facing our nation in the near future. Good luck – I wish you the very best!

    Howard Hardecke

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  2. Of course I remember you, Howard! In fact, I remember you as a particularly thoughtful and supportive administrator. I would love to make contact with you. I’ll email you. Thanks for the comment!


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