"Come to the wet, swampy land of North Florida," they said. "It's a great place for a young mosquito just starting out," they said. "You'll be drunk every night on the blood of sweaty white meat, so numbed by Budweiser, box wine, and Airstream pride, they'll forget to keep up their defenses." So I arrive … Continue reading GOING (WEST NILE) VIRAL



We ended up in the middle of the Olustee Battle Festival in Lake City, Florida, quite by accident. It's hard to find a campground on the weekend without a reservation, so we sometimes stealth camp in places like Planet Fitness or Walmart parking lots, or on the street. We ended up downtown amongst the vendors … Continue reading GRAY AREAS


I have this report from nine months on the road across America: There are deranged shooters, bought-and-paid-for politicians, and belligerent internet trolls. There are judgmental, self-righteous, and hateful people out there. But there are more of us than there are of them. More students who are making friends, working hard to get good grades, and … Continue reading #MoreOfUs


According to Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), only 30% of American evangelicals in 2011 thought a person guilty of serious moral failures was fit for significant leadership roles. In 2016, that number rose to 72%...suggesting there is now something other than religious values driving their decision-making. Or, at least their religious values function quite differently … Continue reading TRUE RELIGION