A couple of weeks ago, we left Springfield and did a little Western swing to meet three former governors (who've also been ambassadors, congresspeople, Cabinet secretaries, etc.): Dick Celeste in Colorado Springs (former Ohio governor), Bill Richardson in Santa Fe (former New Mexico governor), and Kathleen Sebelius in Lawrence (former Kansas governor). The meetings were … Continue reading TOUR de GOVERNORS


Here's another original song video from the road. I wrote and recorded this while we were back home in Springfield for the holidays. I hope you enjoy it.


According to Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), only 30% of American evangelicals in 2011 thought a person guilty of serious moral failures was fit for significant leadership roles. In 2016, that number rose to 72%...suggesting there is now something other than religious values driving their decision-making. Or, at least their religious values function quite differently … Continue reading TRUE RELIGION